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愛護牙齒   愛護孩子

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Event Date: 25 September
Event time: 10am-2pm

Target audience: K1 to K3 students
Location: Living Farm
​Farm Address: No. 199, Tai Hang Village, Tai Wo West Branch Road, Tai Po, N.T.
Early Bird Registration Fee:
$1,080 (One child and one parent, an additional fee of $180 for the second parent) 

Seats are limited, while stocks last!

English Farming Course -> Potted Plant Workshop -> Lunch Break (Parents need to bring their own lunch) -> Games & storytelling

The whole process will be communicated in English.

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Zoe Hess

Originally from the UK

Experienced English teacher​

Music Instructor, vocalist & performer

Has performed with Sandy Lam, Shirley Kwan, Bruce Wills and Don Johnson

Has taught English & music in many schools and educational centers in the past 25 years

Farming Course


The class will be divided into theory class and practice class. Each student will be assigned a farm plot for practice

  1. Understanding organic farming

  2. Getting to know soil, application of organic soil, and water management

  3. Proper method to seedling, nurturing and fertilizing 

  4. Weeding, bird and pest control, and common diseases

  5. Harvesting and arrangements for changing seasons

Registration method:  
  • Complete the online registration form (cancel if day trip has less than 10 participants)
  • After paying the $200 deposit, upload the receipt to our website ​ (deposit will be fully refunded if day trip is less than 10 participants)
  • ​Parents will be notified by Whatsapp to pay the balance when day trip has 10 participants 

other conditions:

* All registration fees will not be refunded or transferred once the full amount is paid
* By registering for this event, the participant agrees and authorizes Starla Children Arts & Culture Association to retain and use the photos and videos of the event for educational and promotional purposes, including all publications, website and social media.
*  In case of any disputes, Starla Children Arts & Culture Association reserves the right of final decision

Severe Weather Arrangements:

Epidemic prevention measures:

i. Except for exempted persons, users are required to scan the QR code with their mobile phones before entering the venue. Users are also required to comply with the vaccinated requirements.

ii. You must bring your own mask and wear it throughout the day in the venue. You must undergo a temperature check upon entering the venue.

iii. If you have a fever, symptoms of respiratory tract infection or sudden loss of taste or smell, you should avoid attending the event and seek medical advice immediately.


The organizer shall not be liable to any person in any respect for any property damage, personal injury or any other claims arising out of or involved in the activities organized by Starla Children Arts & Cultural Association.

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By Public Transport:
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Driving instruction:
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