Starla 星創香港兒童文化協會
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Step 1

Please provide us your personal details

Step 2

Please make a payment and send us a copy of the receipt through Whatapps

or you can pay online through our website

Step 3

Please download the associated materials in our website

Upload and lodge your portfolios to us before the deadline


**Registration remarks**

1) For those who sign up for the literacy competition, math competition or general knowledge competition, please check the competition time of each group.


2) Certificates and trophies will be sent through SF Express. If parents participate in two or more competitions and wish to send the above together, please indicate in the remarks. If you do not state this in the remarks, Certificate and trophy of each competition will have the opportunity to be sent separately in the form of SF Express.

3) There are no refund, transfers and rescheduling for the contests.

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Copy of Colorful Geometric Online Webinar Certificate of Achievement.png
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Octopus payment.png
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