Starla 星創香港兒童文化協會
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Starla Cup
Hong Kong Children Speech Competition

Group: K1-P3

HK$320 / HK$420

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Short film

Recitation:  self-selected chanting

Deadline for work upload: 31 May 2024

Group : K1 to P3 students

Registration fee: HKD 320 (trophies and certificates included) 


Live competition
Competition Date:   To be confirmed
Venue: Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre
Game time: 10:00 am - 13:00 pm
                            14:00 - 18:00 pm
Deadline: One week before the match date
Registration Fee: HKD 420 (Includes trophies and certificates) ​

* Each session takes around one hour

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Registration method:  

  • Complete online registration form/group registration form

  • After paying the competition fee, upload the receipt to our website​

  • Submit the speech material for review one week before the competition day

  • The competition notice will be issued one week before the competition

Short film

Competition rules:  
  • The title must be read out before the speech begins

  • Contestants must dress formally and neatly when recording videos

  • All contestants must recite, otherwise the score will be affected

  • Do not give any form of reminder to the contestant during recording, such as command and recitation, etc. Otherwise the score will be affected

  • No props or sound effects can be used in the short film. Otherwise the score will be affected

  • Contestants are not allowed to use any earphone-style equipment for radio purposes. Otherwise the score will be affected

  • We reserve the right to make the final decision on all competition rules, results and award arrangements

Rules for recording the short film:

  • Each contestant can only submit one short video for the competition

  • The length of the video is less than 3 minutes (must be less than 500MB)

  • The video must be in AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV or MP4 format

  • The film must be a one-shot original film, and the camera cannot be paused during shooting

  • No special effects can be added to the movie, such as filters, transitions, toning, dimming, subtitles, etc.

  • The film is not allowed to undergo any mixing, editing and post-production

  • The video must be live radio and video recording, no dubbing

  • ​ Parents are recommended to use mobile phones to shoot

Results announced:

The results of the competition will be announced on our website and Facebook within fourteen days, and the relevant trophies and awards will be delivered by SF Express within one month after the announcement of the competition results.


Live competition

Competition process:

  • On the day of the competition, participants must arrive at the venue 10 minutes earlier and present their student ID or handbook for registration

  • Parents can enter the venue with the contestants

  • At the beginning of the competition, the contestants must appear in order according to the contestant numbers arranged by us

  • After the competition, the contestant will be scored immediately, and it will take about 10 minutes. Parents and contestants need to wait until the results are announced.

  • Contestants will then receive award and score sheet

Requirements of the speech material:

  • Word count must be more than 25 words (excluding title)

  • The speech must indicate the title and author

  • Total length within 2 minutes


Judging Criteria:

Judges will score the entrants based on their overall performance, including:

Voice, articulation, body language, fluency, rhythm, emotion


  • Gold:         90-100 marks, will be awarded certificates and trophies

  • Silver:         80-89 marks, certificates and trophies will be awarded

  • Bronze:         70-79 marks, certificates and trophies will be awarded

  • Merit Award:     69 marks or less, will be awarded a certificate

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Other conditions:

* All registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable once paid

* Late submission of registration forms and works will not be accepted

* All entries must be originally created by the participant, and no plagiarism or ghostwriting is allowed

* Entries must not contain obscene, violent, pornographic, slanderous, unhealthy, insulting elements or any controversial and inappropriate content

* Entries cannot contain commercial or political promotion elements

* Live speech competitions cannot be rescheduled

Absences on the competition day will not be eligible for the second arrangement and a refund
* All trophies and certificates are printed with the names of the contestants, please check the relevant information carefully. Trophies and certificates cannot be modified once printed. 
* Contestants (including parents and teachers) must understand and agree to the rules and regulations of this competition. If the contestant violates any competition rules, the organizer and the jury have the right to disqualify the contestant
* By registering this competition, the contestants have agreed and authorized us to retain and use the photos and videos of the contestants for educational and promotional purposes, including all publications on our website and social medias
* We do not have an appeal system, and the results of the competition are based on the evaluation of our professional judges
* The organizer reserves the final right to interpret the general rules and regulations of the competition. If there is any dispute about this event, the decision of the organizer is final and no one may object

* In case of any disputes, we reserves the right of final decision

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  Personal Information Collection Announcement and Privacy Policy

* The Association collects, stores and uses all personal information in a legal and fair manner. This information is only used for the Association's business operations and other related activities.

* The Association will try to keep the latest and correct customer personal information.

* Personal information is stored confidentially. We will respect the privacy of our customers and will never disclose any information to unauthorized persons.
* All live competitions will be taken or videotaped for record purposes. The photos and videos obtained may be publicly used for publicity and promotion.

* Announcement of collection of personal information Personal information is voluntarily provided by participants or their guardians. Each participant or their guardian agrees that the personal information provided may be used for promotion and related services. The information will also be used by relevant personnel to process entries, contact and related publicity purposes.
* In accordance with Sections 18 and 22 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and Principle 6 of Schedule 1, contestants have the right to access and correct their personal data. Participants' rights of access include the right to request a copy of their personal data provided on the student registration form for this competition. Fees may be charged to comply with data access requests.

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