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Hong Kong Children's Mathematics Competition

Group: K2 K3 P1 P2


Format: ZOOM group assessment
Competition date:   30 July / 31 July / 20 Aug / 21 Aug
July 30 / Aug 20

Group P1 : 10:00-10:30
Group P2: 1030-11:00
Group K1 : 11:00 - 11:30
​K2 Group: 11:30 - 12:00
​K3 Group: 12:00 - 12:30

July 31 / Aug 21

Group P1    : 13:00-13:30
Group P2 : 13:30-14:00
K1 group : 14:00 - 14:30

​K2 group  : 14:30-15:00
Group K3 : 15:00 - 15:30

Deadline: One week before the competition 
Registration fee: HKD 340 (including trophy and certificate) 

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Registration procedure:  
  • Complete the online registration form
  • After paying the competition fee, upload the payment record to our website
  • Competition notice will be issued one week before the competition
    (Participants can challenge a grade up, but cannot be downgraded)
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Competition process:  ​​
  • Email will be received one week before the competition, competition time will be notified at that time

  • Contestants are requested to attend the competition on time

  • The Zoom link and the participant number will be sent to the contestants by email on the day before the competition

  • Contestants are requested to prepare their internet tools (phone/ ipad/ computer) for the competition and install Zoom  

  • Before the competition, parents need to download and print out the answer sheet from our website

  • On the day of the competition, contestants should enter the Zoom link on time

  • Those who are late for more than 5 minutes may be disqualified

  • Change the ZOOM name to the contestant number, and make sure the lens is turned on

  • At the beginning of the competition, the host will show the question on the screen and read the question. Contestants must circle the answer on the answer sheet: A/B/C/D option

  • After the competition, parents need to upload the answer sheet to our website within 30 minutes

  • Those who upload after the time limit may be disqualified

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Competition rules:

  • There are 12 questions in the competition

  • The questions will be shown on the screen. Participants must circle the answer on the answer sheet within 60 seconds

  • After the time limit of 60 seconds, you will enter the next question until the end of the last question

  • Contestants must keep quiet during the competition so as not to disturb other contestants

  • Cheating is strictly prohibited, if found may be disqualified from the competition


  • champion: contestants will be awarded certificates and trophies

  • runner up: contestants who answer 11 or more questions correctly will be awarded the runner-up and will be awarded a certificate and trophy

  • Runner-up: contestants who answer 9 questions or more correctly will be awarded the second runner-up, and will be awarded a certificate and trophy

  • Merit Award: other contestants will be awarded certificates

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Results announcement:

The results of the competition will be announced on our website and Facebook within seven days, and the relevant trophies and certificates will be delivered by SF Express within one month after the results are announced.

Other conditions:

* All registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable once paid

* All Zoom competitions will only accept one-time rescheduling

* If participants need to change the competition time, they must submit a request within 24 hours before the competition, otherwise no changes will be made

* Absences on the competition day will not be eligible for the second arrangement and a refund
* All trophies and certificates are printed with the names of the contestants, please check the relevant information carefully. Trophies and certificates cannot be modified once printed. All trophies and certificates will be delivered by  SF Express.
* Contestants (including parents and teachers) must understand and agree to the rules and regulations of this competition. If the contestant violates any competition rules, the organizer and the jury have the right to disqualify the contestant
* By registering this competition, the contestants have agreed and authorized us to retain and use the photos and videos of the contestants for educational and promotional purposes, including all publications on our website and social medias
* We do not have an appeal system, and the results of the competition are based on the evaluation of our professional judges
* The organizer reserves the final right to interpret the general rules and regulations of the competition. If there is any dispute about this event, the decision of the organizer is final and no one may object

* In case of any disputes, we reserves the right of final decision

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