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This competition will end in:

Group:P1 P2 P3


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Deadline for registration :  28 February 2022
Date of result release :  15 March 2022
Participant : P1 to P3 students
Registration fee : HKD 280 (including certificate, trophy & postage)  

Purpose of the contest:
Writing in English could be challenging.
Creating stories in English not only requires unrestrained creativity, but also a certain level of English foundation.
We encourage children to adopt English through this competition, being able to try and use different sentences, patterns and vocabulary in their writing; we also hope that children can be inspired by their surroundings and being able to express their own thoughts and emotions throughout the stories.

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Registration procedures:  

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Competition rules:  

  • Each participant can only submit one storyAfter the work is submitted, it cannot be modified

  • Story must be original; plagiarized will not be accepted. If the winning works are found to be plagiarized after the awards are announced, they will be disqualified from the awards and all awards will be returned

  • Story must be written in English

  • ​Story must be handwritten by the contestant, and the number of words is not limited

  • The manuscript must be written on A4 or manuscript paper with pencil or blue or black ballpoint pen (do not use manuscript paper with the name of the school printed on it)

  • The font must be correct, do not use cursive

  • Please write down the name of your story

  • Please write down the name and the contact number of the contestant, as well as the group level. The phone number must be the same as the one provided in the registration form

  • Late submission or any errors or incomplete information, we reserves the right to reject their applications without objection

  • The evaluation results are subject to the decision of the evaluation committee, and participants shall not object

  • If the content of the entries violates the law, the participants shall be responsible for their own rights, and all responsibilities have nothing to do with the Association

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Marking criteria:

Creativity: 50%

Painting/coloring skills: 30%

Relevant to the theme: 20%

  • The judges will score based on the above criteria

  • The judges reserve the right to make the final decision on all matters, and their scoring is the final decision. Participants must respect and accept

  • Champion (one):  The contestant with the highest score will receive a certificate and a trophy

  • Runner-up (one):  Receive a certificate and a trophy

  • Third place (one):  Receive a certificate and a trophy

  • Merit Award: Contestants with outstanding performance will receive a certificate 

  • Participation Award:  An e-participation certificate will be issued

** Contestant can notify us the name of the school you are studying in the registration form.  If the contestant win the Merit Award or above, we will notify their school by email or mail

Other conditions:

* All registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable
* Late submission of registration forms and works will not be accepted
* All entries must be originally created by the participant, and no plagiarism or ghostwriting is allowed
* Entries must not contain obscene, violent, pornographic, slanderous, unhealthy, insulting elements or any controversial and inappropriate content
* Entries cannot contain commercial or political promotion elements
* All trophies and certificates are printed with the names of the contestant in Chinese, please check the relevant information carefully when you fill up our registration form. Once the trophy and certificate are printed, they cannot be modified. All trophies and awards for online competitions will be delivered by SF Express
* Contestants (including parents and teachers of minor participants) must understand and agree to the rules and regulations of this competition. If a contestant violates any competition rules, the organizer and the judging committee have the right to disqualify them from participating in the competition
*Once registered this competition, it means that the contestants have agreed and authorized us to retain and use their works, photos and videos for educational and promotional purposes in our publications, website and social media sites; the contestants have also agreed and authorized us publishing and announcing the names and relevant information of the winners
* We do not have an appeal system, and the results of this competition is subject to the evaluation of professional judges
* The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of the general rules and regulations of this competition. If there is any dispute about this event, we reserve the right of final decision, and no objection is accepted

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